Himeji, Japan

Day Trip to Himeji (姫路) – Castles, Gardens & Temples

Himeji is a City in the Kansai region of Japan, in the Hyogo Prefecture. It is easily accessible from Kyoto or Osaka (see below) and makes a brilliant day trip. My top picks for a day-trip to Himeji are just three places which should be in any visit list to this region. Himeji is home… Continue reading Day Trip to Himeji (姫路) – Castles, Gardens & Temples

England, Europe

Windsor Castle, Berkshire

I think a visit to the UK or London is never complete without a trip to Windsor, the home of the historic Windsor Castle. Windsor Castle, built by William the Conqueror in the 11th century, is the residence of the British Royal family for over 1000 years and is said to be the Queen’s favourite… Continue reading Windsor Castle, Berkshire

Hiroshima, Japan

Hiroshima & Itsukushima Shrine/Miyajima Island – 2 Days

Hiroshima is a vibrant modern city, having risen from its ashes of the past. It is the capital of Hiroshima Prefecture, located in the southwest of Japan’s Honshu Island. Hiroshima's natural beauty can be seen in its impressive Chugoku Mountains to the north and the clear waters of the Seto Inland Sea in the south.… Continue reading Hiroshima & Itsukushima Shrine/Miyajima Island – 2 Days

Arashiyama, Food & Drink, Japan

The Delights of “Tofu” (唐腐) in Arashiyama, Kyoto

“Tofu” or bean curd is food made of soy milk, pressed into solid white blocks. Originated in China and was introduced to Japan in the late 8th century, during the Nara period (710-794) by Zen Buddhist monks. It was the luxury food of the Shoguns in the early Edo period (1603-1868), and farmers were only allowed to eat on special days. Today, you can enjoy an exquisite meal of tofu, from starter to main course and dessert in a traditional Japanese setting at Yodofu Sagano.

Japan, Uji

Kyoto, Uji (宇治) – A Day Trip

Uji is a historical city in the green valley of South Kyoto. It is popular for its two World Heritage sites, the Byodoin Temple and the Ujigami shrine. In addition, Uji is famous for the superior quality of Green Tea and the Tale of Genji, the world’s first novel. Uji is easily accessible (see below:… Continue reading Kyoto, Uji (宇治) – A Day Trip

Canada, North America, Ontario, Niagara Falls

3 Days in Niagara Falls, Ontario

The majestic Niagara Falls was a magical experience and I am sure it is on everyone’s bucket list! If it is not, get it in – because you will be blown with total wonder and amazement at the six million cubic feet of water which goes over the crest of the falls every minute, at… Continue reading 3 Days in Niagara Falls, Ontario

Canada, North America, Ontario, Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, Ontario. Day 3 – Winery Hopping

Winery Hopping Niagara Ontario Canada especially along the shores of Lake Ontario is gaining international recognition as a wine region as it is home to over 50 wineries. About 25 vineyards are dotted within a landscape of 15 to 20 minutes outside of Niagara Falls. So, following the Wine Route of Ontario through the countryside… Continue reading Niagara Falls, Ontario. Day 3 – Winery Hopping

Europe, Geneva, Switzerland


Geneva has it all! From chateaus, vineyards, romantic hotels to high-end Michelin stars cosy dining and mountains to lighthouses! Geneva is a perfect getaway for a romantic weekend. Geneva is a City by the Lake, Lake Geneva, or Lac Léman as known to the locals here and is surrounded by the Alps and Jura mountains… Continue reading Geneva

Food & Drink, Hiroshima, Japan

Okonomiyaki-Hiroshima’s Soul Food

I have an absolute craze for trying local food. So, when visiting Hiroshima, my first dinner in the City was to visit an Okonomiyaki restaurant to try one of its mouth-watering okonomiyaki and fresh oysters which Hiroshima is famous for. Okonomiyaki is a popular Japanese savoury pancake filled with a variety of ingredients such as… Continue reading Okonomiyaki-Hiroshima’s Soul Food


Paris – Top 5 on a lazy getaway to Paris

I had visited Paris on several occasions, but these visits were mainly dedicated to what my kids wanted to do. It was not until March 2015, when I made a solo trip to Paris for a few days that I understood why Paris bridges were covered with Love Locks and is regarded as the City… Continue reading Paris – Top 5 on a lazy getaway to Paris

Hiroshima, Japan, Miyajima Island

Hiroshima-Miyajima Island

From Hiroshima, a short ferry ride of ten-minutes from Miyajimaguchi Pier (see below for information on access) takes you to the Island of Itsukushima or Miyajima. However, I took the forty-five-minute World Heritage Sea Route by Aqua Net ferry from Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park to Miyajima. From a distance you can already see the iconic… Continue reading Hiroshima-Miyajima Island