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I share my travel experiences to various destinations and offer ideas to help you plan your journeys, so you can create unforgettable memories too. Travel need not be expensive or break ‘your bank’! It does not always have to be the 5-star over-indulge type of lifestyle when you cannot afford it. Life in its simplicity also works! A quiet romantic river-walk is equally meaningful as that of a dinner in a 5-star restaurant. So, planning a holiday beforehand is crucial. A well-planned travel itinerary in a pre-determined budget range will do wonders to a meaningful and memorable holiday.

However, if you wish to design your own itinerary, I have provided tips and suggestions in my blogs to help you. For all places visited, I provide Useful information and Accessibility information to help you plan your trip. In addition, to help you further to make your dream holiday a reality, you may want to use the following sites for best deals.

Viator: Viator is one of the leading online resource for researching and booking activities around the world. It offers thousands of amazing things to do in nearly 2,500 destinations, guaranteed to have the best price.

Booking.com: Booking.com is an online accommodation booking and has listings in more than 229 countries. You will find suitable accommodation to suit your needs at a best price.



Japan is and will always be close to my heart because it is here that I discovered that there are some beautiful people who are half my age who love me for just as I am and it was another point in my life where I had to stop and reflect on life’s gift of friendship.


Switzerland France UK  –  Bath, Dover, Edinburgh, Fife, Galloway, Lake District, London, Stonehenge, Stratford-upon-Avon, Nottingham, Windsor – (coming soon) Netherlands  (coming soon) Czech Republic (coming soon) Spain (coming soon) Germany (coming soon)

North America

USA, Canada The USA is a land of many opportunities and freedom. The geography is vast and even though it is one country, every state is distinct and has its own identity. Along with this also some of the world’s most iconic sites. Though I live in the UK, my visit to the USA became… Continue reading North America

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